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  • Thaibenjarong is always reliable and reputable shop from customers as well. Also included the government sector,private company, and individual customers. As we are the manufacturer that can control all of the production process efficiently. This can make our products become the best quality. Moreover, we always issue the new product’s model to relate with customer’s satisfaction. Thaibenjarong always be punctilious in method of producing that begin with choosing the best quality of raw material such as, gold , colors and ceramic.


  • In producing, Thaibenjarong’s products has a deep details, beautiful, charming, and graceful. The products also keep with Thai style. Especially, in painting design, we are outstanding in Thai traditional , Ramayana story, and various literatures. As all of the producing method, we have many skilled craftsman to make the benjarong that they are regarded as rare person in this period.

    According to the Mr. Sahat Preecharat , who is the head of skilled craftsman and he is also the business owner that gained a lot of awards from the competitions as the following:

    1. The 1st winner prize of benjarong competition in the year of 2003
    2. The second winner of benjarong competition in the year of 2002
    3. The great artist of Chonburi Province in the year of 2006
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    The customers can be confident with Thaibenjarong’s products as well that our products are valuable to collect, gift or souvenir, and decoration. The customers will get the excellent quality of products as our policy is mainly to be honest with the customers in serving and selling. As we have the experiences in benjarong business is over 30 years that can guarantee the customers can get the best things about benjarong when you buy with us.